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Flavio De Feo is a Video Creator with 20M+ YouTube views across solo and partnered content; currently collaborating with a diverse range of brands and clients, committed to crafting high-quality videos that effectively convey their unique messages.

In addition to his work with clients, Flavio is part of the YouTube Partner Program and manages a thriving YouTube channel called "Clenched Teeth," which specializes in MMA documentaries and consistently garners millions of views each month.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity about human stories, his approach to filmmaking and video editing revolves around empathy, compassion, and a firm belief that everyone's story deserves to be told. With a reputation for creating emotionally impactful films, his work has not only attracted media attention but also received glowing reviews.

​He rose to prominence through his independently produced documentary, "Your Friend Andrew W.K.". This intimate exploration delved into the triumphs and tribulations of rockstar Andrew W.K., garnering significant attention. Featured on the official website homepage of Andrew W.K., the documentary played an integral role in a months-long marketing campaign leading up to the release of the artist's heavy metal album "God is Partying" in 2021.

​Following that, Flavio produced "No Pain In Vain: The Shocking Life of Steve-O", an indie documentary that examined themes of fame, self-destruction, and redemption through the turbulent life of well-known entertainer Steve-O. Quickly amassing over 5 million views on YouTube, this impactful 50-minute documentary has been widely utilized across numerous sober living facilities in the United States, as a powerful instrument to inspire hope and healing for those grappling with their own struggles and addictions.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Flavio has also been leading a team of creators for the European branch of a prominent global nonprofit organization since 2020.

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